Aciqra License
The Caglow Project
January 1, 2011 (1.0)


The Aciqra License is a strong copyleft license. Instead of using
copyright to restrict the freedoms of users, it aims to protect
them by making restrictions that forbid others to retract these
freedoms. In addition, to protect authors and copyright holders,
this agreement ensures that they are not liable for any damages
arising from the licensed work. This specific license is the
primary one in use by the Caglow project.

Anyone may copy and/or distribute verbatim copies of this
document, but modifications are forbidden except as agreed to by
all copyright holders. The terms of this agreement follows this

1 Definitions

• this agreement: refers to this document, the Aciqra License 1.0

• covered work: work covered by this agreement

• author: a contributor to the covered work

• copyright holder: one who holds copyright ownership to part or
all of a covered work

• licensee: anyone licensed to a covered work under this

• distribution: the act of transferring a copy of a covered work
beyond the scope of the copyright holder(s)

Each of the above may appear in various forms within this
agreement but are defined as the same.

2 Coverage

Coverage of this agreement extends to all covered works which are
as follows.

• original work: works whose license is defined as this agreement

• verbatim copies: untouched duplicates of the original work

• derived works: all works derived from the original work

• supported works: all works created through the use of, or
relying on another covered work in any way

• source copies: works in the format in which is was created
and/or is most easily modified in

3 Usage

Use of a covered work is limited in that it may not be used to
create, support, be incorporated into or be used by supported
works which do not exclusively abide by the terms of this

4 Verbatim Copies

The licensee is permitted to copy and distribute verbatim copies,
with or without a fee, on or with any medium provided that a copy
this agreement, or, alternatively, another which includes all
freedoms and requirements from this agreement, be distributed
alongside and must remain the active license. In doing so, the
origin of the work MUST NOT be misrepresented including doing so
by omission.

5 Modifications

The licensee may modify or incorporate all or parts of the
original work into a derived work under the conditions above
therefore becoming an author and a copyright holder. In addition,
it must clearly be marked as such neither being misrepresented as
AN original work nor claim it to be THE original work. A source
copy must also be made available with or alongside the derived
work should the derived work not be distributed as such by
default. However, the copyright holder has the option to withhold
a derived work entirely and therefore, withhold the source copy
as well.

6 Redistribution

Each and every time the distribution of a covered work takes
place, the recipient of the covered work is automatically granted
these freedoms under these terms. Enforcement of these terms is
encouraged, but not required by any copyright holders.

7 Liability

Neither the copyright holder nor the author shall be liable for
cases of damage resulting directly or indirectly from the
existence of the covered work. This includes, but is not limited
to, property damage, mental harm in addition to injury and/or
death. All covered works are provided on an as-is basis and comes
with ABSOLTUELY NO WARRANTY. Therefore, it is the responsibility
of the licensee to validate and confirm the usability of covered

8 Acceptance

The licensee automatically accepts the terms set by this
agreement upon use, copy, modification and/or redistribution of a
copy of a covered work.

9 Miscellaneous

Neither the name of the author, copyright holder nor that of the
covered work may be used to endorse any product or service
without explicit permission.

Copyrighted © Caglow, 2009-11. All Rights Reserved.

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