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Linaro’s mission is to bring together industry and the open source community to work on key projects, deliver great tools, reduce industry wide fragmentation and redundant effort, and provide common software foundations for all.
The members determine what work is done by the Linaro engineering team. As the number of Linaro members increases, the company’s capacity to provide engineering solutions grows and so the return on a member’s investment increases. This results in more common engineering work being completed by the Linaro engineers, enabling the members to focus more of their own resources on innovation and differentiation.
Linaro’s work is at the heart of all modern Linux-based devices running on ARM processors, including Android smartphones and tablets.


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Portfolio Other Project #Commits Project Date
3bbbcc8f5aa9fec429010fa8b37479e4?&s=32&rating=pg& Linus Walleij KudoRank 9
10   Linux Kernel 2505   Linux Kernel Nov 2017
2bf684577bb83472ab0f243480c38a6e?&s=32&rating=pg& Bjorn Andersson KudoRank 9
30   KVM 356   KVM Nov 2017
C3c4b8e5320336b9acb6a2e71591a395?&s=32&rating=pg& PeterGriffin KudoRank 8
4   Linux Kernel 204   U-Boot Aug 2017
E0f8f19493b2babd9a7f1d7004bfe932?&s=32&rating=pg& Kugan Vivekananda... KudoRank 8
1   GNU Compiler Collection 80   GNU Compiler Collection Sep 2017
9bd7d556ad648e9e81fc4167d41f2adc?&s=32&rating=pg& MikeHolmes KudoRank 1
1   OpenDataPlane (ODP) 317   OpenDataPlane (ODP) Jan 2017