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LINAGORA was born at the dawn of an era, where people understand the importance of using open source. That is why we bet on a 100% free software model. We help governments and companies to build software independence, while staying true to open source values: knowledge sharing, creativity, honesty.

Our mission is to bring digital independency to our customers. We are focused on large organizations both from private and public sector. We have set ourselves the goal of helping governments to achieve their digital sovereignty.


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mmaudet and ddolcimascolo
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Aee39cd6a17547b47ea8a2fd557b6182?&s=32&rating=pg& Christophe DENEUX KudoRank 7
5   img avatar 5736   img avatar Mar 2020
B0fd9c81222c704184bf36c96662bda2?&s=32&rating=pg& Victor Noël KudoRank 5
3   img avatar 2918   img avatar Oct 2017
3974f7b5adb706b6aa40729cd1b19ff3?&s=32&rating=pg& ddolcimascolo KudoRank 4
3 8   img avatar 1945   img avatar Feb 2018
B6c497af6bc43da74f94095683908ca7?&s=32&rating=pg& Christophe Hamerling KudoRank 3
2 19   img avatar 1025   img avatar Sep 2020
36dc7c718902c5c01b1d007ac9402117?&s=32&rating=pg& Stéphen Le Maistre KudoRank 3
3   img avatar 1318   img avatar Sep 2016
71dcd6c3d84e1b79b9e180df22625c1d?&s=32&rating=pg& Thomas_Hilaire KudoRank 2
1   img avatar 3522   img avatar Dec 2016
E8fe6bcff9769a494b81afb6dea5eb61?&s=32&rating=pg& tuanlc KudoRank 2
1 1   img avatar 325   img avatar Sep 2020