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More than 20 years ago, Linus Torvalds sparked an open source revolution with a short email declaring he was doing a new project “just for fun.” Today, Linux powers 98% of the world’s super computers, most of the servers powering the Internet, the majority of financial trades worldwide and tens of millions of Android mobile phones and consumer devices. In short, Linux is everywhere.

The Linux Foundation is here to help. By supporting the kernel development community -- including employing Linus Torvalds himself -- and fostering collaboration on a truly massive scale, the Linux Foundation unites thousands of curious minds in the free and open exchange of ideas.


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halstead, collab-it, Thanh Ha, bschineller, ke4qqq, and tykeal
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Projects 12-mo Commits
Fb47627bc8c0bcdb36321edfbf02e916?&s=32&rating=pg& Linus.Torvalds KudoRank 10
Unaffiliated   Linux Kernel 2139
Faf176a78dc3b085330f5a3789a92259?&s=32&rating=pg& rovarga KudoRank 9
Unaffiliated   OpenDaylight 2024
81279c43ce60f56aea992763d1ed612b?&s=32&rating=pg& davem KudoRank 9
Unaffiliated   Linux Kernel 1310
3eced70cd3418b88f0fe9c101048e4ea?&s=32&rating=pg& Michael Vorburger KudoRank 9
Red Hat, Inc.   OpenDaylight 1180
F1897d8cf2fe6c8e75a0c9add2d05b0c?&s=32&rating=pg& Arnd Bergmann KudoRank 9
Unaffiliated   Linux Kernel 977
A935dafe246dd0e2c216542f50073cbe?&s=32&rating=pg& Stephen Kitt KudoRank 9
Debian   Linux Kernel, OpenDaylight 917
C355fbcee7cc0c3af0720ef10032ad50?&s=32&rating=pg& ColinIanKing KudoRank 9
Canonical, Ltd.   Linux Kernel 736
4b9b74090a9cb19c2ac702eda9bb7fbd?&s=32&rating=pg& Anas Nashif KudoRank 9
Intel Corporation   Zephyr-RTOS 708
8fd6ff61579b85ba2f9340484937bb54?&s=32&rating=pg& Sam Hague KudoRank 8
Red Hat, Inc.   OpenDaylight 674
B95d3b25c17d1bbafc0c23f4e21d95ee?&s=32&rating=pg& Richard Purdie KudoRank 9
Unaffiliated   Linux Kernel, Yocto Project 580
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