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A global leader in delivering software for intelligent connected systems, Wind RiverĀ® offers a comprehensive, end-to-end portfolio of solutions ideally suited to address the emerging needs of IoT, from the secure and managed intelligent devices at the edge, to the gateway, into the critical network infrastructure, and up into the cloud. Wind River technology is found in nearly 2 billion devices and is backed by world-class professional services and award-winning customer support.

Based on the Yocto Project implementation of the OpenEmbedded Core (OE-Core) project, Wind RiverĀ® Linux leverages the velocity of open source innovation while enabling better control of the software stack.


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Andreea Volosincu and jwessel
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1cf254604ab0e9f273d443a24b5bf6e5?&s=32&rating=pg& Robert Yang KudoRank 9
2 8   Yocto Project 2247   Poky Feb 2018
4d2363b8d3df6d5628be01e340affc04?&s=32&rating=pg& jwessel KudoRank 9
4 131  


386   Poky Mar 2018
B25e2ae1f07ec30647f346df81d2d841?&s=32&rating=pg& jchonig KudoRank 9




Jan 2015
B01c8b21adbdb5bb43f81c1646c51d22?&s=32&rating=pg& zeddii KudoRank 9
2 2   Yocto Project 2558  


Mar 2018
75ebe3f3e7d85ffdcb3345514a79ae9d?&s=32&rating=pg& Ying Xue KudoRank 8
1   Linux Kernel 225   Linux Kernel Aug 2017
5997ec7b334b21e59c37e94bf7bf975b?&s=32&rating=pg& Mark Hatle KudoRank 8
2 7   Yocto Project 1020   Poky Feb 2018
2e88daa6d5dcd3edf27d7ccb127e6212?&s=32&rating=pg& Chen Qi KudoRank 8
7   Yocto Project 911   Poky Mar 2018
18fc36d0f0b3ce2c12c42970bf5ee6da?&s=32&rating=pg& LiRongQing KudoRank 8
17   Linux Kernel 122   Linux Kernel Jul 2016
2f42551d01ec076529d2b6e8ea0aa501?&s=32&rating=pg& Kai Kang KudoRank 8
9   Yocto Project 543   OpenEmbedded Jan 2018
6fe280ee3cc01222c686eacc8f2c2fad?&s=32&rating=pg& Kevin Hao KudoRank 8
3   Linux Kernel 127   Yocto Project Dec 2017
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