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Analyzed almost 2 years ago. based on code collected about 5 years ago.

C->Haskell is an interface generator that simplifies the development of Haskell bindings to C libraries. The tool processes existing C header files that determine data layout and function signatures on the C side in conjunction with Haskell modules that specify Haskell-side type signatures and marshaling details. Hooks embedded in the Haskell code signal access to C structures and functions -- they are expanded by the interfacing tool in dependence on information from the corresponding C header file. Another noteworthy property is the lightweight nature of the approach. The idea for the tool was developed during the implementation of Gtk+HS, a Haskell binding for the GUI toolkit GTK+. The latter is no longer under active development, but its successor, Gtk2Hs, also uses C->Haskell.


In a Nutshell, c2hs...


30 Day Summary

Jun 17 2011 — Jul 17 2011

12 Month Summary

Jul 17 2010 — Jul 17 2011



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