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Posted almost 9 years ago by Luke Visinoni
It has been months since there was any kind of update on PHP Csv Utilities (or even the blog for that matter). I released the last version (0.2) prematurely, which resulted in a poor release and a lot of bugs. I’d like to let anybody interested in the library know that I am working on [...]
Posted about 9 years ago by Luke Visinoni
Download PHP CSV Utililties v0.2 Read Documentation for PHP CSV Utilities I have just wrapped up version 0.2 of our csv library. It includes several new features. The most exciting of which is the new Csv_Sniffer class.
Posted over 9 years ago by Luke Visinoni
Download PHP Csv Utilities PHP Csv Utilities Documentation (PhpDocumentor) Since I began doing web development five years ago, I have been exclusively a PHP developer. Recently though, I have taken quite a liking to python. In fact many times while I’m writing PHP I find myself thinking, “It sure would be nice if I could do this [...]