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vicram says:
Few user throughts from the druid f...  
written almost 10 years ago

I saw on tmc.net today that druid has released an open source version of the Unified Communication Server at http://www.voiceroute.org. I took a look into it and found that it is a huge step up from other solutions. It has a fully integrated provisioning system for multiple types of phones, extensions and softphones and everything is unified from the mailbox, softphone and faxing all done by the user extension and voicemail password. After evaluating it today; I have now switched our entire office at both sites to this new version and it only took about an hour to do 100 phones as it recognized all the phones immediately and auto-provisioned them for me all I had to do was attach them to an extension.
- Trashlyn

Damn that was easy!
Your .ISO image installed flawlessly... I set it to run, went to the kitchen, grabbed a glass of water and came back in time to the disk eject. I swore it was an error until it rebooted completely working.

10 minutes later I made my first call! Can't wait to drop in some digium hardware and test out the hardware wizard. I'll also drop on some Aastra phones and see how they go as well with the endpoint wizard. Wow... That's al I have to say. Asterisk + Easy = WOW I am dying to see where this project will go. If the future of Asterisk gets this easy I am afraid my company might be out of business, but other than that,totally blown away. Sure a couple "Sorry, an error occured" screens in firefox, refresh and all seemed well, but so far, it's great.
- Luke

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