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PHPS Pastebin is a simple pastebin site script, designed to be fast and secure.
It can be used to power up a pastebin sites, to highlight PHP code. It cannot highlight any other syntax, it's target is PHP.
Please report any bugs to me! Any notes welcome!
If you want to help, take your time to fully test the script.
The configuration is very easy and well-documented inside it. So please read the comments in configuration part of script.

Development Version (Recent): 0.24 Download
Stable Version: 0.23 Download

Why use PHPS Pastebin?1. No special server setup, no SQL, no any other extentions required to run it!
2. No client capabilities required except for HTML rendering! No cookies, no javascript, no external plugins binding!
3. Has no vulnerabilities! (Or has if you discoved one in PHP functions used here or zlib).
4. Very light-all in one script!

Version History- 0.1 RELEASE 16.04.2009
Used webserver config bounded to php_highlight_file function inside php module to highlight code in .phps files.

MD5: 0accdd6f8c81263e75fc6438b21a6579
SHA1: b308359f5c7feccc918c6f64226e4b77ac306d2f

- 0.21 RELEASE 17.04.2009
Since v 0.2 it dumps pasted source into php-parsed files.

MD5: 4d12b769af940e8a94e87478d60af6ed
SHA1: fc6bba0418182664c8d4eccd05d0fce557e3f1b5

- 0.22 STABLE 18.04.2009
Fixed some bugs 0.21, added extra capabilities, ex. setting up a path to store sources, limits for pasted code/title length.

MD5: 85de7d539d1766b95a1d31c601fd0eed
SHA1: 35ce5a8dbc88840a19e27f325b2e57942ae4b574

- 0.23 development 19.04.2009
Added an index file for pastes, paste remove URLs and view of the recent entries on main page.
This version is still in development, you may use it on your own risk, it is NOT stable and provided "as is".
Please, report any bugs in this version to me!

MD5: 3c73e20063555d92f2daef86ec24e72e
SHA1: a696d2633bceec9a9f7e1bcfabc87da4383cb844

- 0.23 STABLE 29.04.2009
A stable version 0.23.

MD5: fa6d9259a06b41b87795a29acad7196d
SHA1: 36aebf4f638c6b66e0828ce8bc43f45d9d93f1dd

- 0.24 RELEASE 18.06.2009
Added IP logging + timestamps. Code is more indented, some of functions were rewritten or removed.
Default encoding is UTF-8 now and works well with it.
This release is the first one to pass testing with php.ini's error_reporting=E_ALL | E_STRICT. Previous versions don't pass this test.

MD5: 8d6f288a0fb30418f8500d78c9eb3495
SHA1: 5db5d1c0389b965db740b74d2a76b58ebb7f9dc1

Contact MeYou can find out my email inside index.php on comments ;)
By reporting bugs here you may be sure I will receive notification immidiately.

RegardsThanks to users for help!
<3 phr33n0d3!


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