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Franck says:
Why I am a developer on Tikiwiki?  
written over 9 years ago

I'm a developer on Tikiwiki. I did mainly the Maps part. It is now extended with google maps, ka-map and cartoweb integration.

Why did I choose Tikiwiki? Because the developing community is vribant and very open. It takes 5mn to become a developer and start contribute code.

Sure you are watched by your pairs, and you get comments about your code, but where else can you become part of such project?

You don't need to contribute patches, modules, you just start to hack the code base. Never seen something like that.

Also, no foundation, no commercial company is behind tikiwiki, only volunteers from around the world.

While Tikiwiki is a big software, is main advantage is that everything integrates with everything with the same quality level.

It is a little bit the grand daddy of all CMS, but it gets rejuvenated at each development cycle.

Also, the developers takes security seriously, still some improvements are needed on this front, but you rest assure to fast response to security threats.

Finally, Tikiwiki is truly multi-lingual.

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... Laporte says:
A response to kozuch82 below  
written about 9 years ago

Hello kozuch82,

I am saddened that you take the time to say only negative things. You are of course entitled to your opinion, but many people will come to this page to evaluate if they want to use TikiWiki. Your comments can IMHO, turn away some potential users that would have been very happy with TikiWiki.

TikiWiki is the collective work of hundreds of people over 5 years, and used for tens of thousands of sites. I have a very different outlook than you and will comment the words you used.

"Dead" -> TikiWiki is far from dead. In fact, it's thriving. There is a code commit via CVS every two hours on average.

"Bloated" -> TikiWiki is full-featured. It has most features built-in whereas other on CMS systems, you have to download & install third party add-ons, which may or not be supported.

"not modular" -> Tiki has a tight integration of all its features. That's one of the reasons it's so powerful.

There are various schools of thought about modularity. It is not a magic bullet.

"In later discussions Torvalds explained the reasons for its choice: a fully modular architecture, like the one adopted for HURD, would have posed problems to a degree of complexity that it could have compromised the accomplishment of the project. To avoid such risks and keep the degree of complexity of the project as low as possible, Torvalds decided to design a monolith and he actually wrote all the architectural specs himself, avoiding all the problems related to collective projects (e.g. division of labor, coordination, communication). On the other hand, the HURD micro–kernel, a project in direct competition with the Linux kernel, has paid for the choice of pursuing a fully modular approach from the beginning in terms of the continuous delays that have plagued its development. Nowadays, it is still under active development and still lacks the stability and performance assured by the Linux kernel."

Modular Design and the Development of Complex Artifacts: Lessons from Free/Open Source Software by A. Narduzzo & A. Rossi

I would have preferred to read a more balanced judgment. Ex.: TikiWiki can be useful for this type of project or this type of user, but for this other type of user or project, it's better to use Bitweaver.

Of course, TikiWiki is not perfect. Like many tools, it's very useful for some people and not so useful for others.

A response to common questions / concerns about TikiWiki CMS/Groupware

Best regards,

M ;-)

Marc Laporte
Project admin

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matbic says:
A hidden Open Source gem  
written over 8 years ago

Ignore the two silly and aggressive reviews from people trying to advertise Bitweaver.

I have successfully used TikiWiki for many projects now. It has several massive advantages 1) The community of developers is very open and friendly, if you have good ideas you are encouraged to commit them back to the core code, so everyone can benefit. 2) This software has a lot of functionality it is covers so many features it makes an ideal "Swiss Army Knife", the multi-lingual wiki is just one of its powerful features.

All the features are in the core project so you do not end up having to manage the interaction between lots of different plug-ins.

I recommend it.

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jstro says:
I Love It  
written over 8 years ago

I have been using TikiWiki for some years now, and have found it to be an excellent package for driving my web site. It can be a little intimidating at first, in that there are a ton of options. The hardest part is deciding what to turn on and then assigning the proper permissions so that specific classes of users have only specific rights. Once that is done it is fairly clear sailing.

What I like about TikiWiki is that it has all the features I want under one roof. That means a consistent user experience when using different parts of the system.

I am a writer, so I use the Blog, Wiki Pages, Articles for most of my content, add pictures to them via the Image Gallery, and track my submissions via the Tracker. There a few things that need improvement, but over all I am very satisfied.

I will be launching a new website come January 2009, and at which time I will be using TikiWiki 2.2. Very happy with its development thus far.

The only reason I don't give it 5 stars is that there is still room for improvement. It's really a terrific product, and so darned affordable!

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Caglow says:
written about 7 years ago

So far, it's the best CMS I've used. And I've used a lot! The only thing it needs to work on a bit is its search engine friendly URLs which are slowly improving with each version.

It is a bit big, yes, but it's 100% worth the hours of upload time (I have a pretty slow SFTP connection) you may need to get it running.

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daniam says:
Learning curve worth to climb  
written about 6 years ago


Indeed, I'm a user of the Tiki plateform and yes, the learning curve for a non-programer/coder is steep. So I am bias with this response to kozuch82.

kozuch82, once you have learned the basics and used it, you say to yourself: YES__!

No needs to look for a pluggins anymore and integration of components.

kozuch82, I suggest you give it a shot and after, you can make a judgment. By giving it a shot, I mean not only look at the front page, browse through some web site examples: Give it a real first good chance. Then, instead of using one post to make your claim, you'll probably be more moderate and a bit more receptive to other people's things.

You see kozuch82, what makes an open source development project stick and grow is not the number of developers who are behind. It is not also the level of intelligence of the community that makes the software better. It is indeed in the culture, the root beleif system (like Don Tapscott says) that makes the difference.


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...Campbell says:
Tiki Wiki Rocks  
written almost 7 years ago

We have been using Tiki for about 2 years now on an active and growing project for a startup non profit organization: www.evidem.org

Tiki has enabled us to develop a prototype for data collection and analysis that would have been impossible without it. Even with huge infusion of cash (note this is a non profit) the time and effort to implement what we have would have given us a usable product about now.

The quality of the product and developer and user support by the community is excellent and rapid.

As our needs and views of our project expand so does Tiki. We expect to use and support this project for some very sophisticated data analysis within the next year. It is an ideal platform for cloud based services.

I repeat Tiki Wiki & the Community Rock!!

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...lmerritt says:
Tiki keeps on improving! I love it!  
written about 6 years ago

I started when Tiki 6 was in Beta, and after lots of research could only find one app that combines:

* content management
* user contributions and management
* voting and rating
* collaborative enviroment
* ability to develop forms and apps without programming

If you want an easy to set up blog only, then probably start elsewhere, but if you plan to develop and grow a site Tiki is a great start for your future plans!

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evanliempt says:
Works great!  
written over 2 years ago

After hours of research a year ago, I could only come to one conclusion in my opinion: to get the best wiki-system with cms funcionality and good permission management for restricted areas and more integrated functionality (and which can handle multiple languages) and is open source; I find out there was one good solution; TIKI WIKI.
Now, after some years of use, I can say this was the right choice!

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moz says:
written about 9 years ago

Tiki is bloated, the developers have no idea of quality coding. You do get a lot, but also a lot of problems and you'll need a huge resources to be able to run a big site with it. I suggest you look elsewhere and not waste your time here any longer.

If you are really considering to use tikiwiki, then also try Bitweaver a fork of TikiWiki. Its cleaner, the interface is 10 million times better and faster!

Alternatively a good content management system is e107 or dragonflycms, just depends on what you want your site to be. But definately you wont want SLOW and resource hungry leaving you open to being cut off by your host or have a huge monthly bill for resource utilization.

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