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Posted 5 days ago by Nouha Blagui
The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exploding Batteries are a hot (no pun intended) topic these days. Since some Chinese users started posting pictures of their exploded phones on social media, we just haven’t been able to stop talking about them. Samsung is ... [More] claiming that these explosions are due to external heat. South Korean media, however, […] The post Cartoon of the Week: Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Unboxing appeared first on . [Less]
Posted 6 days ago by Veronika Mazour
Innovation is what separates business leaders from second place holders. The level to which it is embraced is what makes or breaks companies. Compare Apple with Nokia for instance—countless research papers have been written on the Apple vs Nokia war ... [More] , some focusing on phones, others on developer ecosystems, and the list goes on. But in […] The post Fostering business innovation with digital collaboration appeared first on . [Less]
Posted 7 days ago by Nouha Blagui
A workplace can have a lot of people with different background, ages, beliefs, ambitions and expectations. It’s more than obvious  that dealing with all of them at once requires a lot of dedication, patience and a flexible work style. Understanding ... [More] generational differences It’s undeniable that to better categorise people in the workplace, we have to […] The post Infographic: Working effectively with different generations in the same workplace appeared first on . [Less]
Posted 8 days ago by Patrice Lamarque
Enterprise wikis are designed to be simple collaborative documentation engines and easy to use in a corporate context. One of the intents of a wiki is to avoid formal publication and limit formatting options. Unlike CMSs, wikis focus on allowing ... [More] people to read and contribute content. The collaborative model of a wiki explicitly encourages broad […] The post Four Ways to Use an Enterprise Wiki appeared first on . [Less]
Posted 12 days ago by Wassim Zlitni
With its stock down almost 35% in the past year, it’s clear that Twitter’s core app is no longer the workhorse for attracting more users, and consequently more advertisers. That’s why the company decided to try to stimulate user growth by creating a ... [More] highly engaged audience around live events, especially sports. The latest app is […] The post Cartoon of the Week: NFL games on live streaming with free Twitter apps appeared first on . [Less]
Posted 14 days ago by Patrice Lamarque
This post is part of a series of articles that will introduce some noteworthy improvements to eXo Platform 4.4. Watch this blog for more product news in the upcoming weeks. When a lot of information arrives in the activity stream, it’s easy to get ... [More] confused about where things are coming from. In addition, we’ve heard […] The post Platform 4.4 Sneak Peek: Improved Document Activities appeared first on . [Less]
Posted 19 days ago by Nouha Blagui
Apple held a special event this wednesday in San Francisco where the brand launched the new iPhone 7 and Apple Watch series. CEO Tim Cook said that “Apple now has 500,000 games in its App Store”. Nintendo introduced then the game “Super Mario Run”. ... [More] As the name suggests, users will tap the screen to make […] The post Will Super Mario better Catch Coins with Iphone 7 Boost? appeared first on . [Less]
Posted 20 days ago by Veronika Mazour
If you are about to sponsor and lead an intranet project in your organization, you have probably read up on the subject. You know about the main phases of such an endeavour, and you may be expecting some difficulties and delays along the road. ... [More] However, our experience shows that intranet sponsors usually do not expect […] The post Don’t fail your intranet project: avoid these 4 common pitfalls appeared first on . [Less]
Posted 26 days ago by Feriel Mhalla
Rumor has it that some of the Docker ecosystem end users and vendors such as Google, Redhat, Huawei and CoreOS are increasingly dissatisfied and concerned about the perpetual changes and the disrupting lack of stability. Time for a fork? We’ll be ... [More] glad to know what you think! Stay tuned for more fun cartoons! Follow eXo […] The post Cartoon of the Week – Docker, becoming too unpredictable? appeared first on . [Less]
Posted 27 days ago by Marwen Mema
Intranets, knowledge bases and document repositories have a tendency to collect large amounts of data. Indexing the multiple sources of information in them and making them instantly searchable through a single platform is now an essential component ... [More] of any digital workplace that seeks to promote self-service and effective knowledge management. Today, enterprise search has even […] The post Top 3 Ways to Search in eXo Platform! appeared first on . [Less]