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Posted 5 days ago by Feriel Mhalla
A mysterious group has published National Security Agency (NSA) spyware and promises to unveil more secrets through a dubious auction… All this against a backdrop of tension between Moscow and Washington and when the US presidential elections are ... [More] looming. For 4 days, this case – with its Cold War scent – has intrigued intelligence people […] The post Cartoon of the Week – The NSA hacked! appeared first on . [Less]
Posted 7 days ago by Feriel Mhalla
Wanderleia De Sousa Baptista is a Business Analyst for eXo Platform, specializing in the Brazilian market. She’s unbelievably friendly and professional. “For me, it’s easy. I treat our clients or people interested in us like I want to be treated—with ... [More] respect and humanity.” What was your life like before eXo? I actually studied psychology, but […] The post Inside eXo – Meet our Business Analyst, Wanderleia De Souza Baptista appeared first on . [Less]
Posted 12 days ago by Feriel Mhalla
We remember when Instagram launched “Stories” for the purpose of dimming Snapchat. Now, it’s Twitter’s turn! Twitter has announced its new storytelling feature: “Moments.” As a first step, Twitter Moments will only be available to Twitter’s partners ... [More] , influencers, and brands. And, hopefully, if it finds enough success, the 313 billion users will be able to […] The post Twitter Moments takes on Snapchat and Instagram! appeared first on . [Less]
Posted 14 days ago by Malek Ben Salem
We are pleased to announce the availability of eXo Platform 4.3.1 Enterprise Edition, the first maintenance release of the Platform 4.3 series. This release contains bug fixes and improvements for 75 issues reported by eXo customers and teams. The ... [More] main improvements are: Better searches Getting lost when going from one search query to another can […] The post eXo Platform 4.3.1 Enterprise Edition released! appeared first on . [Less]
Posted 19 days ago by Feriel Mhalla
Have you heard? is selling itself to Walmart. Obviously, Walmart, being the retail giant we know, could benefit significantly from this acquisition. It will further develop its online services and get a share of Amazon’s playground… Yeah. ... [More] “Dream big”, right? Anyway, if this acquisition goes right to the end, Walmart will have seriously stepped […] The post Cartoon of the Week – Walmart to buy appeared first on . [Less]
Posted 20 days ago by Marwen Mema
Being a social collaboration solution, eXo Platform ships with a wide array of functionality aiming at providing an effective way of sharing and collaborating around information and content in a contemporary work setting. Solid and flexible document ... [More] collaboration is often an important part of that picture and so it comes built into the platform, allowing […] The post The Latest in Cloud Storage Integration with the eXo Cloud Drive Add-on appeared first on . [Less]
Posted 26 days ago by Feriel Mhalla
Verizon, the telecommunications giant, has spent almost $5 billion to buy the internet company Yahoo! We’ll have to wait to see if it was a worthwhile deal. Indeed, times are tough for aging tech companies… Last week, the last VCR manufacturer in the ... [More] world, Funai, announced the termination of its VCR activity. And now, it’s […] The post Cartoon of the Week – Verizon Finalizes $4.8 billion Yahoo Deal appeared first on . [Less]
Posted 27 days ago by Patrice Lamarque
About 3 years ago, we released eXo Platform 4.0 and announced a license change to the LGPL for the community edition. Why did we do that? Looking back, what did it change for the eXo community? Why did we change the license? Before version 4.0, the ... [More] eXo Platform community edition was licensed under GNU Affero […] The post How adopting LGPL helped us grow the community by 1000%? appeared first on . [Less]
Posted about 1 month ago by Julien Brulland
After Cloud9 IDE, a cloud-based IDE, being bought this week by Amazon Web Services, Codenvy is getting all the attention! Stay tuned for more fun cartoons! Follow eXo Platform’s board Cartoon of the Week on Pinterest. The post Cartoon of the Week – Cloud9 acquired by AWS: Codenvy is gaining attention! appeared first on .
Posted about 1 month ago by Aymen Miniaoui
A lot of you may already be aware that eXo platform provides employees with a rich profile page that enables them to share not only their picture and contact information but also any relevant professional background, experience, and skill ... [More] information. eXo systematically encourages organizations that adopt its platform to make sure their employees fill out […] The post 5 Reasons to fill out Your eXo Platform profile page appeared first on . [Less]