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The Re-Mote Testbed Framework is a collection of modules for providing remote access to wireless sensor network testbeds with a main focus on modularity, abstraction levels, and responsiveness. The components of the framework fall into three categories: Client software, server software and host/gateway software. The client is a Java based GUI featuring mote console windows useful for debugging applications. The server software consists of a mote server daemon written in C++, a relational database based on MySQL, and a mote information server based on Apache Tomcat and Axis. The host software is a mote host daemon written in C++ with site specific configuration in shell scripts.

Getting StartedIf you are using the Re-Mote client basic information is available in the UserManual. If you are deploying a testbed see the AdministratorManual and read the SecurityConsiderations. If you want to contribute read the DeveloperManual and take a look at the RoadMap to get an idea of what needs work. Questions and Bug ReportingQuestions can be mailed to the mailing list. All discussions related to testbeds and sensor networks are welcome. Note, first time posters are moderated to prevent spam.

If you found a bug in the client or one of the other components, please enter it into the issue tracker. If the bug has already been reported you are encouraged to add extra information as a comment. This will help to confirm that it is reproducible and raise the attention of developers.

CreditThe project is being developed in collaboration between DIKU and CIT and headed by Jonas Fonseca and Rostislav Špinar. The initial work was done by Jan Flora and Esben Zeuthen at DIKU under the supervision of Philippe Bonnet.

The Re-Mote Testbed Framework has been developed in the context of Embedded WiSeNts and has further been developed in the context of the CRUISE IST.


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