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Posted 3 months ago by Ron Teitelbaum
Please distribute widely   23rd International Smalltalk Joint Conference – Call for Contributions   Brescia, Italy from 13 to 17 July 2015   This call includes: Developer Forum Smalltalk Technology Award ... [More] International Workshop Student Volunteer Camp Smalltalk 12 July 2015   ———————————————————————- You can support the ESUG conference in many different ways: […] [Less]
Posted 6 months ago by Ron Teitelbaum
From Eliot Miranda: Hi All, I’m pleased to say that today the simulator got as far as redrawing the entire display and finishing the start-up sequence for a bootstrapped 64-bit Spur image. That means it correctly executed over 26 million bytecodes. So at least a 64-bit Spur Stack VM is not too far off. – […]
Posted 8 months ago by Ron Teitelbaum
From Masashi-san: Hi all,   I have just released a Scratch clone running on iPad. It is based on Scratch 1.4 from the MIT Media Laboratory. The app is now called “Pyonkee” – freely available on App Store. ... [More]   Pyonkee was originally started as a fork of John M McIntosh’s Scratch Viewer.   […] [Less]
Posted 10 months ago by Ron Teitelbaum
From Bert Freudenberg: Hi all, my SqueakJS VM has reached a major milestone. It is now sufficiently complete to run a full Etoys image (and possibly other non-closure images, too). It has support for most BitBlt modes, WarpBlt, even some Balloon2D ... [More] rendering (for TTF fonts), a virtual file system, image saving etc. Try it: […] [Less]
Posted 11 months ago by Ron Teitelbaum
  (baby steps and giant leaps!) From Eliot Miranda: Hi All, it gives me great pleasure to let you know that a spur-format trunk Squeak image is finally available at Spur VMs are available at ... [More] Spur is a new object representation and garbage collector for Squeak/Pharo/Croquet/Newspeak. Features The object representation is significantly simpler […] [Less]
Posted about 1 year ago by Ron Teitelbaum
Howdy!   If you want to know some cool history of Smalltalk, and perhaps this is a strong argument in actually *being* a Smalltalk and not trying to distance yourself from that rich and lovely heritage…. anyway, here goes:   On 04/28/2014 08:14 PM, Alain Busser wrote: > Also, Ruby is famous for these methods: […]
Posted about 1 year ago by Ron Teitelbaum
From Chris Muller: So!  Let it be known!  Squeak 4.5 is released! Home page is here: 4.5 release notes are here: Excellent Job Everyone!!  Can you tell we are excited!
Posted about 1 year ago by Ron Teitelbaum
Check out OLPC XO-4. I would hate to add to the speculation that OLPC is dead because it’s not.  Wayan Wota has been calling OLPC dead for 5 years. This is not news. He has not been involved with the project in a long time. His article is about the XO-1, apparently he doesn’t even […]
Posted about 1 year ago by Ron Teitelbaum
From Clément’s post to the pharo community: Hello pharoers, The new Cog memory manager, Spur, is simply *amazing*. I saw at FOSDEM that some of you were interested in it, but unfortunately you were lacking information about it. I wrote a one page article that sums up Spur’s new features so every one can know what […]
Posted over 1 year ago by Ron Teitelbaum
From: Chris Muller: It’s ready for your final testing and scrutiny! Please bang on this!  Test it with your apps.  Test it in Windows, iOS, Linux.  Interpreter and Cog. Unless we hit any ... [More] show-stoppers, this will be the one we can call “done.” Thanks to this great community of brilliant developers for making 4.5 […] [Less]