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Posted about 8 years ago by waffel
A warm welcome on our new wordpress site! We hope we can reactivate columba now a little bit with the brand new media wiki site and this blog. Today we got a big patch from Timsparg. He has changed our test cases to junit 4.5 for ristretto.  Looks very nice and we hope we can fix some [...]
Posted almost 10 years ago by fdietz
I've been working or better playing around with Columba the better half of my student years. Especially the latest release was quite difficult to manage. RL (aka real life) kept me quite busy and is also the reason why I now finally decided to stop ... [More] developing on Columba.  I had so much fun meeting and working with all different kinds of people from throughout the world. Thank you all for your support!   It was not quite the ride we planned. Thinking about it - we never really planned anything ;-) But, that's probably the reason why it was so much fun! read more [Less]
Posted almost 10 years ago by waffel
In the last days I have registered columba on ohloh . It would be nice if any developer can register itself on ohloh to see on the nice google-map where the developers staying ;-) It is also very interesting that the cost of columba is currently over 1,7 million of dollars.
Posted about 10 years ago by fdietz
Shortly after we released Columba Mail v1.2 “Flying Saucer”, one of the regulars on the Developers mailing list observed that it didn’t really look very good on a Macintosh. Since our developers all used Windows / Linux we all looked confused and ... [More] asked why not? That was the start of a steep learning curve for some of the developers and two of us investing in some very nice Apple hardware! This release is the first part of our plan to address making Columba as useful to Mac users as it is to everyone else! In addition to making it more visually pleasing, we have also squashed about 50 bugs and added some features to make it more useful for people on the run! Firstly, we have added to its previous command line scripting capabilities, we have added command line selectable user profiles and made it so that you can now carry your entire cross platform capable Columba mail program and its message base on a USB memory stick! Columba is more than happy to act as an online or offline mail client and to be used anywhere you have access to a Java JRE platform (put the installers on your memory stick or use Java Webstart!). read more [Less]
Posted about 10 years ago by fdietz
We finally have Jira up and running again. This is BTW a good opportunity to thank the guys over at Atlassian for supporting us! Our build server is up and running again, too. Still, the wiki is not running currently. We'll keep you posted!
Posted over 10 years ago by fdietz
Columba’s server at http://columbamail.org was shutdown due to a hardware failure. The hard drive has been replaced. We have backups of nearly everything, so its just a matter of setting up the system again. We will keep you posted about the ... [More] status. Funnily we were planning to release a major new version this weekend. So, stay tuned! Mail servers, database, website and forum seem to be working again already. [Less]
Posted over 10 years ago by fdietz
Many users stumpled over installation and or startup problems with several of our last releases. These can be seen in quite a lot Jira issues: CA-151, CA-150, CA-148, CA-149, CA-131 and CA-133. So, the good news is that we are actually tracking these ... [More] issues and were finally able to solve them. We changed our packaging scripts to use the famous install4j product, kindly donated by ej-technologies. Our build scripts still support the old packaging for anyone without an install4j license. Note, that you can get a 30-day trial license to try for yourself, though. read more [Less]
Posted over 10 years ago by fdietz
We finally have a build server on columbamail.org running. It is based on the beautiful Hudson. On each check-in request to our Subversion repository this will trigger a rebuild of Columba. It shows you status of all recent builds and a nice graph showing the JUnit Test Results.
Posted over 10 years ago by fdietz
Thanks to the folks at Cenqua we have a hosted FishEye instance running. It lets you monitor, search, share and analyze our Subversion repository content. See for yourself.
Posted over 10 years ago by fdietz
Columba finally moved to Subversion. All CVS modules have been finally moved over to Subversion. The old CVS access will be closed and columba-cvs@lists.sourceforge.net is therefore obsolete. A new mailinglist columba-svn@lists.sourceforge.net ... [More] contains the SVN Notifications. Very handy if you want to stay up-to-date. So, register at columba-svn@lists.sourceforge.net! All the required information to access the sourcecode can be found at our SF project page. [Less]