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  Guerilla SOA for Rich Internet Applications! Do Web 2.0 and SOA play together? With Ajax Toaster the answer is Yes! It massively simplifies the task of writing a Service Oriented database backend for ajax web clients. Creating backend database ... [More] services for your application is quick and easy with support for JSON and XML messaging over HTTP [...] [Less]
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We have reviewed how persistance is managed in v1.0.8.  The xmltosql parser has been rewritten to support a more human readable psuedo-sql syntax in addition to the current XML configuration. An example of updating a table with the new, simplified ... [More] syntax…. The xml message to save to the database…. Dry Toast MAIN 1.50 0.05 : etc : The xmltoaster update statement you need [...] [Less]
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06 Oct 2007 - XMLToaster is now on SourceForge. Go to the project page to participate. 01 July 2007 - Version 1.0.1 released! XMLToaster is now available under a GPL license. Go to the downloads page to get the source. 01 April 2007 - Version 1.0.0 of XMLToaster has been released. It’s the first production version [...]
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Meet the toaster. Introduction to XMLToaster. Learn more with the XMLToaster tutorial. Tutorial
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XMLToaster is an open source tool that allows you to integrate relational databases with XML. It enables you to generate XML using the simplicity of SQL and to save XML to a database using a powerful mapping script. XMLToaster has the flexibility to handle all kinds of XML - from arbitrary structures to schema defined canonical [...]