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ShARPE is developed as part of the collaboration between MAMS and Shibboleth. ShARPE's aim is to manage the creation and maintenance of user's attributes as defined by Attribute Release Policy (ARP) mechanism of Shibboleth.

In particular, ShARPE allows admins and users to easily manage their release attribute policy in a way that conforms to their privacy and satisfaction of users in gaining the services that they want (on service provider end) To do the crosswalk between different directory schemas mappings have to be defined. This can be achieved using the Crosswalker.

ShARPE is also an extension of Shibboleth providing other functionalities that are not existence in current Shibboleth as well as improving current practices in Shibboleth


arp attribute attribute_release_policy authentication authorization identity middleware saml shibboleth singlesignon single_sign_on

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