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Bouml Plugout that allow you to generate automatically the OpenUP documentation for your project.

This plugout is a practical tool to update dynamically the OpenUP-based documentation of your project.

DocGen extracts texts and diagrams from a Bouml project and insert them in a OpenOffice Word Document. It's preconfigured with a generic project template and three definition files of Analysis, Design and Architecture OpenUP-based documents. You can also insert predefined tables and link external images to embed them into the document.

You can define your own template and file definitions. It's as easy as writing a OpenOffice Writer document and design your own page format, cover, index page, headings styles, variables, etc. Afterwards, you create a XML file pointing to the parts of the

In a Nutshell, Isotrol Docgen BOUML Plugout...

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Nov 18 2011 — Dec 18 2011

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