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Posted about 5 years ago by Outreach Program for Women->Meta CPAN->Debian->Wikimedia->Twisted->Dancer->Moose :) | UpasanaShukla
[...] reply due to weekend.  I cloned Dancer’s repository from github. In the README file, I saw sukria’s blog’s URL. I read that blog and came to know about Dancer2. Dancer2 uses concepts of MOO and at that time, I [...]
Posted about 5 years ago by Interview for the Pragmatic Perl website | Sukria.net
[...] not possible to provide a complete backward compatibility with all the existing Dancer1 ecosystem. I’ve explained in details that decision on my blog. The conclusion of that blog-entry summarizes the [...]
Posted about 5 years ago by Dancer and Dancer2 both available on CPAN | Sukria.net
[...] explained earlier on this blog, we’ve decided to release Dancer2 under its own distribution, and at the same time, we decided to give Dancer a new maintainer (or should I use the Pumpking [...]
Posted about 5 years ago by Dancer2 enters CPAN | Sukria.net
[...] mentioned earlier on this blog, the decision has been made to release Dancer2 under its own distribution on CPAN, in order to let [...]
Posted over 5 years ago by sukria
Dancers a foot ahead by Jonathan Borofsky Fellow Perl hackers, you who like to “dance“, read the following carefully for I have some interesting news for you. You probably know that we’ve frozen Dancer 1 development some time ago, when we decided to focus all the energy on Dancer 2. That was done with an … Continue reading →
Posted over 5 years ago by sukria
Advent Calendar If you follow the Perl ecosystem and more precisely Dancer’s, you probably know about our Advent Calendar. It started 3 years ago thanks to the impulse of Franck Cuny and I’m very happy to see that the effort is still there, for the third year. This time, that’s David Precious who did all … Continue reading →
Posted almost 6 years ago by sukria
Captain Hook by Wink Now that Dancer 2 has come a long way and is stable enough to run applications, it’s time to start focusing on migrating the ecosystem. By ecosystem, I mean all the plugins and engines (template, logger, session) that live on the CPAN. But we want to be as smooth as possible … Continue reading →
Posted over 6 years ago by sukria
I am very glad and proud to announce here that I’ve came up with a prototype of dancer2 that pleases me enough to be advertised. The source code was hosted on a private Git repo (kudos to Sawyer) but I’ve now decided to push it on GitHub. dancer2 is a complete rewrite of Dancer aiming [...]
Posted over 7 years ago by sukria
So this year I was to FOSDEM, and this was my first time. Wow. F*cking Wow! This event is awesome. There are so many hackers out there it’s just impressive, like 6000 or something… And it is Belgium, which means pretty awesome beers everywhere for a few euros. But well, I’m not here to speak [...]
Posted over 7 years ago by sukria
It’s been a long time since I’ve wrote something here, so here it is for a quick review of the news. PerlDancer has a new website, apparently it really looks to please people, and I’m very glad of that! Huge kudos go to Oxide who did all the artwork. His design is so cool, we [...]