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The Gnuteca is a system for automation of all processes of a library, regardless of the size of its collection or the number of users. The system was created according to criteria validated by a group of librarians and was developed based on testing an actual library, the University Center Univates, which has been operating since February 2002.
The Gnuteca is free software, which means that it can be copied, distributed and modified freely.
The software adheres to standards known and used by many libraries, such as ISIS (UNESCO) and MARC21 (LOC - Library Of Congress).
Because it was developed within an environment CDS / ISIS, Gnuteca provides easy migration of such collections, and several others.
The system can be used both in the management of small private collections and for collections of more than 100 000 copies. Being a free software, and use as a basis only other free software, there is no practical limit on the number of service stations, islands to query or access via the Internet.


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