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Lazy Delphi builder - is the ultimate tool for Delphi, that can do following things:

Recompile huge projects with great amount of linked packages, with no need to messing around with configs.
Quickly compile somebody's projects and packages without opening IDE. (f.e. compile demos from sources without opening IDE)
Quickly install components from sources into IDE, without a need to change your Library Path.
Integrate with other build-tools. (planning feature)
And main plus - ability to strictly specify folders for all types of output files(exe, bpl, dcp, dcu, res).


automation build builder building buildsystem buildsystems buildtool build_tool buildtools build_tools delphi delphiprofilecontrol development installer package package_management packagemanager package-manager packages pascal programming tools

In a Nutshell, Lazy Delphi Builder...

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