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A package used by the software developers for licensing their products.
The produced license file is digitally signed. It is also specific for the licensed computer.
The developer may license any feature in his program separately. Each of the license features might be time depended (optional).

In order to enhance security, the application has to pass to the licenser a PASSCODE during run-time. The PASSCODE is a text known only to the software developer, but does not appear anywhere in the license file.

The feature information, as well as the licensed computer identification together with the PASSCODE are encrypted into a digital signature that is written in the license file.
Any trial to modify the license information will cause an inconsistency with its signature that will invalidate the license. That will be also the case if a feature expires or the computer identification is differ from the one that is licensed.

This package contains the following modules:
1. Licenser / Production – A license production tool
2. Licenser / API – An API for checking a license
3. Licenser / Identification – A tool that is used one-time by the end-user to display the computer id. The end-user e-mails the ID to the developer/license producer that will produce and return a license file to the end-user


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