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MAF is a well established tool for the rapid development of computer-aided medicine applications which is currently used to implement commercial software but also research prototypes. This new version (MAF3) aims improving the architecture and the design of the previous versions, ensuring the possibility of extending functionalities in a simple way, while maintaining its flexibility in terms of data fusion and multimodal visualization.
The main concepts of this architecture are: being data-intensive, being multimodal (i.e. involve the manipulation of highly heterogeneous data types), and being multi-scale (in time and space).
The main objectives for the new version are to provide a multi-platform faceless library, a plug-in mechanism, a framework.

MAF is written in C++ and based on Qt.


3d c++ crossplatform dicom framework graphics linux macosx maf medical medicalimaging multimodal networking opensource pluginframework plugins python qt visualization vtk windows

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