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Analyzed about 18 hours ago. based on code collected over 1 year ago.
Posted 4 months ago by _tom
Reorganized folders, new modular Bear 2.0, updated documentation, updated Gtksettings.e for simpler ini handling. Updated Gtkprinter.e and docs for easier use. Another dozen or so demos and utilities. Gui software for both Windows and Linux. https://sites.google.com/site/euphoriagtk/Home
Posted 5 months ago by _tom
Released EuSDL2 for SDL 2.0.10! New functions have been added! Get it from Github. https://github.com/gAndy50/EuSDL2
Posted 5 months ago by _tom
Euraylib Raylib is a library for the development of games. Get it from https://github.com/gAndy50/Euraylib
Posted 7 months ago by _tom
Who wants stickers! Get 'em while they're hot! I wanted to show off Euphoria on my laptop and the minimum order from Sticker Mule was 50. https://www.ebay.com/itm/OpenEuphoria-Mongoose-3-Laptop-Stickers/233228586162 A portion of each sale will benefit Code.org and the rest will go into paying for our monthly hosting fees. -Greg
Posted 7 months ago by ghaberek
After all these years, Ryan has released RedyCode 1.0.0. Check out the wiki page and the website for more information.
Posted 7 months ago by _tom
A wrapper for the Sigil library. This is a multimedia library similar to SDL. However it is much more bare-bones. Allowing for the making of small games or prototyping. You can view it at Github: https://github.com/gAndy50/EuSigil thanks to Icy_Viking
Posted 8 months ago by _tom
Get it from http://phix.x10.mx/download.php A new Phix with lots of changes https://openeuphoria.org/forum/133760.wc?last_id=133761 Thank you for the hard work.
Posted 8 months ago by _tom
If you have code to contribute please start a Github page. Icy_Viking GLFW wrapper for GLFW 3.3.0, now updated, new features have been wrapped. https://github.com/gAndy50/EuGLFW3 Irv EuGTK has been added to Github ... [More] https://github.com/irvm/EuGTK xfox26 The pahomqtt library, documented here: https://www.eclipse.org/paho/files/mqttdoc/MQTTClient/html/index.html https://github.com/xfox26/paho.mqtt.euphoria ghaberek Updates to Euphoria MVC https://github.com/OpenEuphoria/euphoria-mvc/ [Less]
Posted 11 months ago by _tom
The new year's version is now available: EuGTK 4.14.6. You can use multi-tasking to make programs load large files and draw the user interface simultaneously. Complex programs can now look and behave much more professional. Thanks Irv! https://sites.google.com/site/euphoriagtk/Home
Posted 12 months ago by _tom
Icy_Viking has updated EuSFML2 for SFML 2.5 New functions and bug-fixes have been added. Enjoy! https://github.com/gAndy50/EuSFML2