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Posted over 3 years ago by BlogAdministrator
In late August, OpenX announced that Ancestry.com’s Howard Hochhauser was joining our Board of Directors. With more than twenty years of financial operations and management experience, Howard has been involved in nearly every imaginable major ... [More] corporate transaction possible. We took some time to chat with him to find out his thoughts on the digital media [...] [Less]
Posted over 3 years ago by Peter Escartin
OpenX benefits from the opportunity to work and thrive in Southern California and we’re committed to giving back to that community. Our team members are encouraged to introduce OpenX to deserving non-profits upon which we can have a positive impact. With that in mind, engineer Nicholas Soracco and our IT department teamed up with Komputers [...]
Posted over 3 years ago by Locke Truong
Chitika has built one of the largest global networks in the digital advertising industry and has developed positive long-term relationships with its clients. The Company was looking to expand its offerings and bring new features and services to these ... [More] customers. Because it allows Chitika to maintain its current relationships while extending its reach beyond its [...] [Less]
Posted over 3 years ago by Noelle Fonak
A recent article by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) hailed its latest multichannel advertising campaign as a huge success after it encouraged a significant number of Americans to quit smoking. The agency used a combination of ... [More] television, radio and online advertising to reach millions of viewers with its graphic message. Ads featured [...] [Less]
Posted over 3 years ago by Chelis Elliott
When most people think about effective advertising, they think of the campaigns that offer a unique message or elicit a specific emotion. While these ads are often easy to remember, what drives sales is not just creativity, but relevance. In today’s ... [More] programmatic world of advertising, marketers are becoming better at placing their ads in front [...] [Less]
Posted over 3 years ago by BlogAdministrator
If you missed out on our “Protecting the Health of the Digital Ecosystem” webinar, we sat down with Vice President of Marketplace Quality John Murphy to learn more about the OpenX real-time traffic quality system that sets a new standard for the digital advertising industry. Click here to watch a recording of the webinar! What [...]
Posted over 3 years ago by BlogAdministrator
The central idea that marketing messages could be much more in-tune with digital content is not new (see paid search). What is new, however, is that consumer choice and power is driving an even broader shift towards a less interruptive, more integrated or “native” experience. This trend is one that digital media businesses must recognize [...]
Posted over 3 years ago by BlogAdministrator
If you are at dmexco, be sure to join Tim Cadogan in the main congress hall to hear about “The next game changer in the LUMAscape. Information here. Recently, we announced OpenX’s expansion into Germany and the entire DACH region. Germany is one of the fastest growing RTB markets internationally and IDC projects that Germany’s [...]
Posted over 3 years ago by Jon Pierce
During most of the history of advertising, companies have primarily focused on marketing to larger, more general audiences. The biggest exception was direct mail, but nearly all the other large scale mediums – print, radio, TV and much of digital advertising – have been focused on addressing larger scale groups of people. Now we are [...]
Posted over 3 years ago by Linda Ybarra
As OpenX gets ready for Advertising Week: New York, we are excited to bring you the #10daysof Advertising Week. In honor of the tenth anniversary of Advertising Week and beginning tomorrow, OpenX will be featuring a series of spectrum shifts within the digital advertising industry, and highlighting one per day leading up to and during [...]