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fork of master branch from git://slackbuilds.org/slackbuilds.git

If you want to fork do it only with master (the other branches are temporary and are always rebased on master).

alternative interface http://cgit.ponce.cc/slackbuilds/


bash sbopkg slackbuilds slackbuildsorg slackware slackwarecurrent

Project Security

Vulnerabilities per Version ( last 10 releases )

There are no reported vulnerabilities

Project Vulnerability Report

Security Confidence Index

Poor security track-record
Favorable security track-record

Vulnerability Exposure Index

Many reported vulnerabilities
Few reported vulnerabilities

Did You Know...

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    nearly 1 in 3 companies have no process for identifying, tracking, or remediating known open source vulnerabilities
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    check out hot projects on the Open Hub
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    55% of companies leverage OSS for production infrastructure
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    by exploring contributors within projects, you can view details on every commit they have made to that project
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