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Rapidly create web applications, driven directly from your database designs. Mouse and keyboard shortcuts make everyday work fast and easy. Every page has a natural and consistent flow.

SynApp2 is a full-fledged MVC framework for developing sophisticated solutions. Use the scaffolding, custom data validation, PDF reporting, processing and access management features to build problem solving tools for businesses and organizations.

Tremendous savings of design and development time is not only possible – it’s automatic.

SynApp2 is an ideal complement to phpMyAdmin. Combine SynApp2 with the tools and technologies you’re using now.

If you’re responsible for creating interactive applications that manage relational data, you won’t want to be without SynApp2 in your toolbox.


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In a Nutshell, SynApp2 - Web Application Generator...

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Jun 20 2016 — Jul 20 2016

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Jul 20 2015 — Jul 20 2016


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