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Posted about 1 year ago by jefro
Lineo Solutions has joined the Yocto Project as a silver member. We welcome them heartily - and indeed it is a welcome back, as Lineo was involved with the OpenEmbedded project way back in the early 2000s, before it even became OpenEmbedded! ... [More] Lineo was involved in the original project to port Linux to the Sharp Zaurus. This project eventually grew and become OpenEmbedded. [Less]
Posted about 1 year ago by jefro
The project is pleased to announce that Intel Corporation has become the first Platinum member of the project. Intel is a founding member of the Yocto Project, and has been a Gold member since 2011. The Yocto Project has always had two levels ... [More] for corporate participation: Gold and Silver, which are similar to the same levels in the Linux Foundation itself. These are memberships with paid dues that enable members to have some influence in the project’s governance (see About section). Late last year, the project’s Advisory Board voted to create two new levels: [Less]
Posted over 1 year ago by jefro
Wondering what's new in the 2.1 "krogoth" release? Check this What's New in 2.1 wiki page to find out!
Posted almost 2 years ago by belenbarrospena
Posted about 2 years ago by jefro
Linaro is a collaborative organization whose goal is to promote ARM processors within the Linux community, which they have done very successfully since 2010. The Yocto Project is very pleased to announce Linaro as a Silver Member. Welcome!
Posted about 2 years ago by belenbarrospena
Some time during the Yocto Project 2.0 release cycle a new contributor joined the Toaster project. He has shared his experience working with us in this blog post
Posted about 2 years ago by jefro
Our own Dave Stewart covers some terminology issues on his Intel blog.
Posted about 2 years ago by jefro
Happy new year to everyone! Yocto Project books are rapidly becoming available. Check these out from Packt Publishing. These are available as ebooks for only $5 until January 8th.
Posted about 2 years ago by jefro
The Yocto Project is pleased to welcome Timesys back to the project as a member organization! Timesys was one of the original founding members, and we are gratified that they have rejoined the project as Silver members.
Posted over 2 years ago by belenbarrospena
The 2.0 release is getting close, and the Toaster contributors have submitted their last patches upstream. This means we know how Toaster 2.0 is going to look like. In fact, you can know too by looking at our toaster-next branch.