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Analyzed 2 days ago. based on code collected 2 days ago.
Posted 15 days ago by Jakub Vrána
Fix XSS in indexes (non-MySQL only) Support PHP 7 Greek translation Galician translation Bulgarian translation https://www.adminer.org/
Posted 4 months ago by Jakub Vrána
Fix XSS in alter table (found by HP Fortify) http://www.adminer.org/#download
Posted 9 months ago by Jakub Vrána
Send referrer header to the same domain MySQL: Fix usage of utf8mb4 if the client library doesn't support it MySQL: Use utf8mb4 in export only if required SQLite: Use EXPLAIN QUERY PLAN in SQL query http://www.adminer.org/
Posted 10 months ago by Jakub Vrána
Fix XSS in login form (bug #436) Allow limiting number of displayed rows in SQL command Fix reading routine column collations Unlock session in alter database Make master key unreadable to others (bug #410) Fix edit by long non-utf8 string Specify ... [More] encoding for PHP 5.6 with invalid default_charset Fix saving NULL value, bug since Adminer 4.0.3 Send 403 for auth error Report offline and other AJAX errors (bug #419) Don't alter table comment if not changed Add links to documentation on table status page Fix handling of 64 bit numbers in auto_increment Add referrer: never meta tag MySQL: Use utf8mb4 if available MySQL: Support foreign keys in NDB storage PostgreSQL: Materialized views SQLite: Support CURRENT_* default values (bug #417) Elasticsearch: Use where in select Firebird: Alpha version Danish translation http://www.adminer.org/ [Less]
Posted over 1 year ago by Jakub Vrána
Adminer 4.1.0 (released 2014-04-18) Provide size of all databases in the overview Prevent against brute force login attempts from the same IP address Compute number of tables in the overview explicitly Display edit form after error in clone or ... [More] multi-edit Trim trailing non-breaking spaces in SQL textarea Display time of the select command Print elapsed time in HTML instead of SQL command comment Improve gzip export ratio (bug #387) Use rel="noreferrer" for external links, skip adminer.org redirect in WebKit MySQL: Fix enum types in routines (bug #391) MySQL: Fix editing rows by binary values, bug since Adminer 3.7.1 MySQL: Respect daylight saving time in dump, bug since Adminer 3.6.4 MySQL 5.6.5+: Support ON UPDATE on datatime column SQLite: Support UPDATE OF triggers SQLite: Display auto-created unique indexes, bug since Adminer 3.5.0 Editor: Fix login() method, bug since Adminer 4.0.0 Translate numbers in ar, bn, fa Vietnamese translation http://www.adminer.org/ [Less]
Posted almost 2 years ago by Jakub Vrána
SQLite: Fix creating table and altering primary key, bug since Adminer 4.0.0 MongoDB: insert, truncate, indexes SimpleDB, MongoDB: insert more fields at once Don't store invalid credentials to session, bug since Adminer 4.0.0 Norweigan translation http://www.adminer.org/#download
Posted almost 2 years ago by Jakub Vrána
Adminer 4.0.2 (released 2014-01-11): Fix handling of long text in SQL textarea Support paste to SQL textarea in Opera http://www.adminer.org/
Posted almost 2 years ago by Jakub Vrána
Adminer 4.0.1 (released 2014-01-11): Don't use type=number if a SQL function is used Disable highlighting in textareas with long texts Don't autofocus SQL textarea in Firefox Don't link NULL foreign key values Fix displaying images in Editor, bug ... [More] since Adminer 3.6.0 Fix uploading files, bug since Adminer 4.0.0 MongoDB: Count tables, display ObjectIds, sort, limit, offset, count rows Elasticsearch: Fix compiled version, create and drop DB, drop table http://www.adminer.org/ [Less]
Posted almost 2 years ago by Jakub Vrána
Adminer 4.0.0 (released 2014-01-08): Driver for SimpleDB, MongoDB and Elasticsearch Highlight SQL in textareas Save and continue edit by AJAX Split SQL command and import Add a new column in alter table on key press Mark length as required for ... [More] strings Add label to database selection, move logout button Add button for dropping an index Display number of selected rows Add links to documentation Disable underlining links Differentiate views in navigation Improve speed of CSV import Keep form values after refresh in Firefox Mark auto_increment fields in edit Don't append newlines to uploaded files, bug since Adminer 3.7.0 Don't display SQL edit form on Ctrl+click on the select query, introduced in Adminer 3.6.4 Use MD5 for editing long keys only in supported drivers, bug since Adminer 3.6.4 Don't reset column when searching for an empty value with Enter, bug since Adminer 3.6.4 Encrypt passwords stored in session by a key stored in cookie Don't execute external JavaScript when verifying version Include JUSH in the compiled version Protect CSRF token against BREACH Non-MySQL: View triggers SQLite: Allow editing primary key SQLite: Allow editing foreign keys PostgreSQL: Fix handling of nextval() default values PostgreSQL: Support creating array columns Customization: Provide schemas() Portugal Portuguese translation Thai translation http://www.adminer.org/ [Less]
Posted almost 2 years ago by Jakub Vrána
Adminer 3.7.1 (released 2013-06-29): Increase click target for checkboxes Use shadow for highlighting default button Don't use LIMIT 1 if inline updating unique row Don't check previous checkbox on added column in create table (bug #3614245) Order ... [More] table list by name Verify UTF-8 encoding of CSV import Notify user about expired master password for permanent login Highlight table being altered in navigation Send 404 for invalid database and schema Fix title and links on invalid table pages Display error on invalid alter table and view pages MySQL: Speed up updating rows without numeric or UTF-8 primary key Non-MySQL: Descending indexes PostgreSQL: Fix detecting oid column in PDO PostgreSQL: Handle timestamp types (bug #3614086) Add Korean translation [Less]