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This is a library of tools that has grown from a few functions for manipulating ADODB recordsets for VB and VBA to an implementation in C# for ADO.net datatable and dataset.

The library includes functions for;

Group By Sub totals Pivots (Cross Tabs) Cloning Merging Appending

of datatables and recordsets.

It's original use was for manipulating datasets that didn't originate from a database so all aggregate functions had to be done in code.

Initially i'm tidying, documenting and uploading the ADODB version, the ADO.net version will follow soon. Mostly this is so i can get the hang of Google Code :) Before i get to make any packages to download you can browse and download the source from SVN

Update: You can download all VB code plus a simple set of test from the examples in SVN.

Once copied, try RunAllTests() in module LocalUnitTests

Ive also included function GetGoogleFinanceData()


Dim rs as ADODB.Recordset

set rs = GetGoogleFinanceData("NASDAQ:GOOG",startDate,endDate)

This is just to get by until a proper release.



ado adodb aggregate dataset datatable finance recordset stock

In a Nutshell, ado-dataset-tools...

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