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Akrudo is lightweight, rapid development, PHP framework. Allows to create applications quickly, but still is very flexible in designing the model.

AboutArchitecture is MVC. System contains controllers, which operate on data using models and present them by views.

It uses semi-extended PHP languages called ActivePHP (allows faster creations of arrays), allows OOP usage of strings and arrays.

e.g. $string = "should be uppercase"->upper();

For now the framework is not popular as it was hidden from world for longer time. It's being used by my company for various apps development, including CMS AkrudGoke http://akrud.pl/goke

HistoryThe story of framework is probably very common. First of all tired by doing repeatitive tasks decided to create set of tools, or at least get all existing ones together in one package. The other reason was world famous Ruby on Rails framework telling me my PHP mcv is missing a lot. When first saw it in action I felt like i was closed in some kind of static, past, slow, php world of coding. These two decided for me to try on full-featured framework, now hugely called Akrudo.


activephp development framework fresh language modern php rapid reliable

In a Nutshell, akrudo...

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