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...olodziej says:
Not so easy  
written almost 10 years ago

The summary states that Alpine is an "easy to use email client that is suitable for ... the inexperienced email user", but it clearly is not.
Until you can read or write emails you need to beat yourself through the documentations which lack of clear examples and explanations for the inexperienced email user (and many experienced).
In fact, the Windows-version has a setup-tool which edits the config-file with the right settings for your imap-server, username and password. The GNU/Linux-version lacks this feature.

Configuring Alpine up is really complicated and I don't have the time to search informations around the internet on how to do it correctly. And if you want to add a second email address to Alpine, things are getting even more complicated.

Anyway, if Alpine further evolves and simplifies it's configuration (or documents it better and doesn't cram all possible settings on one page) I really would like to use it.
There is still MUTT, but I guess it is not more comprehensible to configure.

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