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DescriptionAmFast is a Flash remoting framework for Python. AmFast can use AMF to communicate between Python and Flash, Flex, and any other system that supports AMF. DemosLive Google App Engine chat demo Contact manager demo Chat client and server demo Real-time messaging demo Server FeaturesSupport for NetConnection and RemoteObject RPC. Support for Producer/Consumer 'push' messaging with HTTP polling, HTTP long-polling, and real-time HTTP streaming channels. Support for authentication with NetConnection and RemoteObject. Built in Channels for CherryPy, Twisted Web, Google App Engine, Django, Tornado and plain WSGI. Support for configurable Endpoints. Use AmFast's built-in AMF encoder/decoder C-extension, or use an external AMF encoder/decoder, such as PyAmf for a pure-Python implementation. AMF Encoder/Decoder FeaturesAMF0/AMF3 encoder/decoder written in C as a Python extension for speed. Faster than PyAmf encoder/decoder. Map custom classes with ClassDef objects for complete control over serialization/de-serialization. Full support for IExternalizable objects. Data persistence with SqlAlchemy including remotely-loadable lazy-loaded attributes. Actionscript code generation from ClassDef objects. InstallationMost current version is: 0.5.0 Download the package distribution from PyPi Extract package and execute the following command from within the root distribution directory: # To install entire package:
python install

# Install without compiling encode/decode extensions.
# If you don't compile the encode/decode extensions,
# you can use PyAmf for encoding/decoding.
python --without-extensions installCompiling the encoder/decoder extensions for Windows DocumentationDocumentation Examples DiscussAmFast Group AboutAbout the AmFast project



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