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androbuntu is an open source utility for remote control of a GNOME desktop, targeted specifically at Ubuntu Linux.

OrganizationIt is separated into modules for:

Ubuntu server Android client


Uses the XFree86 "media keys" for playback and volume control Scripted "bedtime mode" button, which blanks the computer screen, shuts off lights, and starts an alarm clock app (currently hardcoded to NightClock) X10 device control ppower amd64 Ubuntu package i386 Ubuntu package heyu likely will never get an Ubuntu package "bottlerocket" works, if you have a CM17A module (mine's a CM11A) A "beam text blurb" function that will append to a pre-specified file on the server


Implement "Server is listening" check on client startup Automatically open firewall port w/ .deb using "dfw" - see UbuntuFirewall Register a list of custom scripts Use the MediaController widget with a custom implementation of MediaController.MediaPlayerControl, remote-linked to the server] Remote touchpad

Ideas for script list:

Take a picture with the webcam and send it to the phone

Other feature suggestions:

Torrent monitor (rtorrent?)

Related Projectshttp://gmote.org Currently, Gmote doesn't support media keys Android Garage Door Opener This does use X10! Projects I haven't really looked at:

android-vlc-remote socontrol androidpcremotecontrol taiyaki - also X10 on Android!

A list of software for X10 home automation http://www.linuxha.com/athome/index.html#Software


android automation gmote pygtk python remote remotecontrol ubuntu x10

In a Nutshell, androbuntu...

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