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This project build for Java projects development.All projects build with Ant,
it defined many tasks to build,test,generate,deploy...

If all the tasks defined in one build.xml file,it will be too large and confusing.
So I defined these tasks in several files,and in build.xml defined some targets
to call these in build-XXX.xml.
With AntColony,you didn't need create ant build files for every new application,
even copy and paste.see the Installing and Using part for detail.

And this is NOT one-size-fit-all project,so I suggest you to read these files first,
then modify the build files to fit your projects.


JDK1.4 or later

I didn't example with JDK1.3,I will do this later.
Define an environment variable "JAVA_HOME" that points at the base directory
of your JDK installation,and add the directory "$JAVA_HOME/bin" to your PATH variable.

Ant1.6 or later
With 1.5.1,some problems will occured,I will fix it later.
Define an environment variable "ANT_HOME" that points at the base directory
of your Ant installation,and add the directory "$ANT_HOME/bin" to your PATH variable.

Installing and Using

Extract all files from the zip file to your projects direcotry,for example:
d:\projects\AntColony.the AntColony directory must case aware!

In DOS command line,go to d:\projects\AntColony,type ant init,it will
generate default directories of AntColony.

Download the required libraries and copy to their lib directory,like struts.jar
to d:\projects\AntColony\lib\runtime\struts.lib.

For new project,in AntColony directory,type ant newapp-java or ant newapp-j2ee,
it will prompte for the new project name and generate by default,under d:\projects\ directory.

For the exist project,copy the build-default-java.xml file to the project and
rename to biuld.xml,and the build-default-java.properties to biuld.properties.
And build-default-j2ee.xml and biuld-default-j2ee.properties for J2EE projects.

In project directory,type ant usage for more detail.
In AntColony directory,type ant -f build-XXX.xml usage for every build-XXX.xml
file's help infomation.XXX is file type,for example:ant -f build-newapp.xml usage.
Notes:Don't run the task of build-XXX.xml in AntColony directory except build.xml's.


If I have mistake with these build files or you have better files and if you
have other build files,please mail me(mail_hanqing {a} yahoo.com) and I will update these.


javascript web

In a Nutshell, antcolony...

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These details are provided for information only. No information here is legal advice and should not be used as such.

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