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Arkiweb, originally developed for the National Archives of Norway intentionally as free software, is a cross-platform web content management framework based on Apache, PHP, MySQL and Tidy. The project was initiated in September 2001.
The benefit of the system is to present web pages as clean and valid CSS-formatted HTML with static "readable" URLs, without sacrificing the easy administration and control of a database-driven web site.
Appearing to end-users as static files (URLs are processed by Apache RewriteRules and passed to a PHP rendering script), the entire site can be periodically exported (using wget) as static HTML and image files to a "static" web server (e.g. high-throughput Linux kHttpd or low-cost static-files-only external web host) from an intranet or localhost "live" ArkiWeb server.
The business layer contains entity classes encapsulating session handling and database access, as well as functionality to upload and resize images, create thumbnails, clean up input to get valid XHTML, validate links, generate hierachical menus and breadcrumbs.
The application layer contains site management functionality to add and edit pages, texts, images and menu entries. We want to add WYSIWYG HTML editing functionality for different browsers as this becomes possible.


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