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Porting Google Protocol Buffers so it can work in Flash, Flex and Tamarin.

current planprovide all the classes in AS3 to interact with protobuf implement an AS3_generator.h etc. maybe create a custom avmshell to parse .proto files on the command line Newsno news, the project is not started yet

as soon as it will start you will be able to find it on Ohloh and follw the news there

FAQWhy this project when another one protobuf-actionscript already exists ? I contacted the owner of the project, no answer.
Why protobuf in AS3 when we have AMF0/AMF3/etc. ? more choices is always better.
I got a question where do I ask it ? submit an issue and/or ask your question in french (FCNG) or english (buRRRn).
I want to contribute what should I do ? please fill this as3-protobuf contributor form.
miscI can be contacted here: my username [at] gmail [dot] com


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