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IntroductionSome time ago I was working on a little project for which I wanted to read and write Excel files in Flex. I Googled hither and yon but sadly I could only find a sample someone tossed out there sans code. So, I put together a little package to read and write Excel files. So far it supports reading text, numbers, formulas, and dates from Excel version 2.x-2003 and writing text, numbers, and dates. Formulas also update to reflect changes in cells they reference.

The API is intended to be straightforward and easy to use. There are some samples to play with and the obligatory ASdocs.

SamplesI put together a few quick samples to show how it all works.

ExcelViewer: Upload an Excel file and view it in a Flex app. Run | View Source InterestCalculator: Little more than wrappint an Excel file in a Flex application. Run | View Source CSV2XLS: A simple AIR app that turns a CSV file into and Excel spreadsheet. Download | View Source ExcelOrCsvViewer: Displays an Excel or CSV file. View Source. Contributed by Nathan Daniel of Rockfish Interactive


as3 excel flex readexcel readxls xls

In a Nutshell, as3xls...

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