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We provide continuous integrated IT Discovery and Monitoring.
- Discovery cannot set off security alarms
- Monitoring is integrated with discovery and scalable almost w/o limit
- Extensible discovery includes servers, services, switches, packages, checksums, containers, and system settings
- We provide security audits, alerts, visualizations, and risk scores

We find systems you've forgotten about (which are likely to be used in intrusions) and services you're not monitoring, which add risk. The discovery produces an always-up-to-date CMDB which provides a detailed graph model of your infrastructure. We discover what systems are running licensed software so you can minimize your risk and cost.

Architecture is fully-distributed - minimizing impact on servers and networks.


arp c cdp continuous_security_monitoring dependencyanalysis devops discovery distributed_monitoring graph_database lldp monitoring_tools neo4j netstat network_monitoring python scalability scalable security system_administration topology


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