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This is a simple and intuitive application designed for you to upload pictures and PDF attachments to RYGH BBS ( This application is inspired by tyllr's Upload Helper (

Running RequirementsMac OS X 10.4 or later versions. If you are using OSX 10.4, please download the tiger version.

FeaturesMulti-threaded uploading. preview what you are uploading with one-click Quick Look. User Account management, doesn't have to manually login each time. Keep the list of board you are uploading to. Use QuickLook to preview the attachments to be uploaded. Join picture addresses easily and make comments for each individual file. Post article with addresses of your attachments easily within the app. Send Suggestions to the Author within RYGH mail system. Compress big images to certain size and quality. Rotating the images Support drag and drop from browser. Support system proxy. Dock Badge Self-update, thanks to Sparkle Thanksthanks to tyllr for the orginial idea and help. thanks to Marcus for a nice icon and testing:) thanks to so many open source projects such as Welly :) Changesv0.10 alpha: add board name control and formatter for board name input v0.11 alpha: fix crash caused by QuickLook module loading minor GUI fixes now current setting will be updated with defaults using Notifications v0.13 alpha: fix issue about multiple alert window will show when connection failed add a button to manually reduce image size by converting to .jpg file increased stability v0.14 alpha: add auto-convert large image capability failed uploading can be resumed manually v0.15 alpha: new about AttachBot window add column sorting refreshed icon (thanks to marcus) v0.16 (stable) add notification when done minor GUI fixes v0.2 Now we can convert images to certain size Add ability to drag a picture from a web browser instantly ready to upload image preview in table view 0.21 fix a pending crash happening when all the boards are removed. auto-reconnect now activates without alerting the user compiled with sparkle framework (now it doesn't work) 0.22 ability to self-update thanks to Sparkle fix logic in Switch user sending links to clipboard when done now includes a all-boardname controller 0.23 you can now rotate the images before uploading add some new boards



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Oct 26 2015 — Nov 25 2015

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