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A tune, a tune, my kingdom for a tune! - Richard III (almost!)

I'd been using WinAmp for the most part and was getting a little tired of forwarding by tracks that I didn't care to hear. I have many MP3s and would like to hear some of them often, and others not so often. I decided it was time to write my own MP3 player so that I would tweak it to work just the way I wanted. The results are here. Somewhat a work in progress, but I do use it daily.
This music player will learn the musical tastes of the user by monitoring input and play songs that the user likes most.

The names comes from this dictionary lookup;
at-tune tr.v. at-tuned, at-tun-ing, at-tunes
1. To bring into a harmonious or resoponsive relationship.
2. To tune (an instrument)

This player is designed to be simple and useful for my daily listening. I hope that other users will feel the same.

To contribute, skills with Swing, JMF and file I/O are helpful.

The "Issue Tracker" contains defects, features, tasks, etc. Please check there and let me know if you'd like to work on something.

I can be reached at javaman@gmail.com

Credits: David Ward - Spanish translations, new logo concept (coming soon)

To run it:

download the jar file (in the Documents & files section).
Install a version of jdk1.4. I've used 1.4.1 and 1.4.2 (availble here)
Install version 2.1.1 of the JMF (available here) NOTE: don't allow the installer to modify your classpath, or path environment variables. Simply copy the jmf.jar file from the JMF lib directory to your JDK jre/lib/ext directory. (for example copy c:/Program Files/JMF2.1.1e/lib/jre.jar to c:/j2sdk1.4.2_02/jre/lib/ext)
Then with the jdk/bin directory in your path, use this command "java -jar APLayer.jar".

I'm working on finding a free installer to use. I might resort to JavaWebStart.

New stuff in this version: 0.5

Selectable sort options (when you select "sort")
Player now adjust song weights as you forward do the next song or select a song directly from the playlist
Fix bugs with loading a song and clearing playlist.

New stuff in this version: 0.4

ID3v1 tag info support (right click on songs in the playlist)
Playlist sorting (via main attune menu)
Track removal (from playlist)
When moving player window, it snaps to screen edge when within 10 pixels of edge
Remembers last song played when player shut down

A few notes about the User Interface:

To get a menu of options, click in the song title field (above the media position slider)
To start playing songs, select "Import Directory" from the menu
Select the "sh" checkbox to activate shuffle play
Select the "pl" checkbox to display the playlist
Tooltips are use throughout. On the slider, you can see track time/duration. On the playlist, you can see the full file path.



In a Nutshell, Attune - an adaptive music player...

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