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General Project OverviewIntroductionAbsolutely Useless Package Manager (AUPM) is (maybe) a funny name of the new project to create own package manager for easy installation of applications on Unix-based and Linux operating systems.

Basic Developer InfoProgrammed in C (parts could be in C++), and (probably) POSIX standart, it is fully portable to any POSIX-based OS. Project is developed under General Public License version 3 (GPLv3).

Project IdeasThis is the way to create very good and fast package manager, which will combine advantages of Slackware packages (TGZ, very fast) and Debian, Red Hat packages (DEB, RPM, good info about package inside it, autodownload of dependencies) in one simple manager. It is projected to be as good as possible.

Project ContentProject is divided to the following divisions:

AUPM-CLI - Terminal / Text front-end for AUPM, basic AUPM system (similar to apt-get and yum for example) AUPM-GUI - Graphical interface for AUPM-CLI including: AUPM-GTK+ - GTK+ graphical front-end for AUPM-CLI, especially suitable for Gnome, Xfce ... desktops AUPM-Qt - Qt graphical front-end for AUPM-CLI, especially suitable for KDE desktops

Project Important Events

Date ( & Time (hh:mm) Event Description 5.11.2009, 17:40 Project page created by Pepo 12.12.2009, 13:00 Project development started under GPLv3 License

Project StatusProject is currently in the active development and pre-alpha stage of development process. Any help is welcome.

Looking ForProject need more people. Actually we are looking for:

Code Developers Documentation Writers Package Maintainers Look, if you apply to requirements and if yes, please apply and help us.


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