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Analyzed 5 months ago. based on code collected 5 months ago.

Auto-Awesom's Functions: 1. Loads the RedVex.exe assigned in Configuration. 2. Makes sure that RedVex.exe is still running 3. Reads game.txt to see how many games have been made. 3. Reads game times to calculate Average Game Times. 4. Reads Picked, Stashed, Sold so items and makes it easier to view them. 5. Stops RedVex.exe from constaintly trying to run if there is a Temp Ban noticed. 6. If a error message is poped up it should clear the message and continue. 7. The success rate is just depicked from success.txt/fail.txt = Success rate % 8. Can Auto (Start-RedVex, Hide-Auto-Awesom, Minimize-Diablo II). 9. Can save CPU Usage with Minimize feature.

What Auto-Awesom Does Not Control: 1. Doesn't Start Diablo II, Awesom-O plugin does! 2. Doesn't Configure your Bot's .ini files! 3. Doesn't Control your bots actions! 4. Doesn't cause any errors except if it is a AutoIt error. 5. Doesn't drop games, exit games, or create games. 6. Doesn't mointor anything about Diablo II except the Window Name!!!! 7. Doesn't monitor keystrokes unless asked (Ctrl + R) 8. Doesn't send any person information or contain a virus! (Source is at top under spoiler)


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