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Analyzed about 2 months ago. based on code collected about 2 months ago.

Pronounced "awesome"; awe6 is game inverted:

A scalable, flexible and approachable tool to assist in the rapid development of quality games.

Adopting an inversion-of-control entity-component concept awe6 comes with both big ideas and batteries included: assets, inputs, audio, session, scenes and preloading are handled out of the box.

Developed in haXe, awe6 offers a unified approach towards developing games targetting Flash, HTML5, Android, iOS, Desktop.



30 Day Summary

Jun 3 2016 — Jul 3 2016

12 Month Summary

Jul 3 2015 — Jul 3 2016
  • 42 Commits
    Down -46 (52%) from previous 12 months
  • 3 Contributors
    Down 0 (0%) from previous 12 months



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