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Posted 2 months ago by Laurent Destailleur (Eldy)
AWStats Log Analyzer 7.4 has been released. The package can be downloaded from the website of the AWStats project: Changes in this version are as follows : New features: - Add debian patch ... [More] debian-patches-1019_allow_frame_resize.patch to add option nboflastupdatelookuptosave on command line. - #199 Added geoip6 plugin with support for IPv4 AND IPv6. - Work with Amazon AWS log files (using %time5 tag). - Compatibility with Perl 5.22 Fixes: - Fixes permission on some .pl scripts. - #205 GetResolvedIP_ipv6 does not strip trailing dot. - #496 tools scripts should print warnings and errors to STDERR. - #919 Referrals not getting tracked due to improperly getting flagged as a search. - Add debian patch 0007_russian_lang.patch. - Add debian patch 2001_awstatsprog_path.patch. - #921 Failure in the help text for - #909 noisy debug output. - #680 Invalid data passed to Time::Local causes global destruction. - #212 Fix CVE-2006-2237 [Less]
Posted almost 2 years ago by Laurent Destailleur (Eldy)
I hope to release AWStats 7.3 in february. From 2014, information about AWStats project will be published through social networks (for the moment Facebook and Google+). You can already register to get news: For facebook: For Google+:
Posted over 2 years ago by Laurent Destailleur (Eldy)
New features: - Upgrade licence to GPL v3+. - Update documentation. Fixes: - Since updating Webmin to 1.53, the Add New Config File screen layout is totally messed up and unusable. - Update broken links to maxmind.
Posted almost 3 years ago by Laurent Destailleur (Eldy)
The Advanced Web Log Analyzer version 7.1 contains new features and bug fixes. This is changelog: New features/improvements: - Update translations. - Update browsers list. - Add example of nginx setup. - Add some patches from debian package. ... [More] - Rename domain name into documentation to - Can allow urls with awredir without using md5 key parameter. - Usage of databasebreak option possible with awstats_buildstaticpages. - Add rel=nofollow on links. - Add option AddLinkToExternalCGIWrapper to add link to a wrapper script into each title of Dolibarr reports. This can be used to add a wrapper to download data into a CSV file for example. Fix: - Compatible with recent Perl version. [Less]
Posted about 3 years ago by Laurent Destailleur (Eldy)
AWStats 6.3 final is ready -------------------------- I am pleased to announce that AWStats 6.3 final has been released. Version 6.3 is an update that fix a recently discovered but major security hole. You can download 6.3 from AWStats ... [More] official web site: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW BEFORE THE UPGRADE: ------------------------------------------------- Nothing WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW AFTER THE UPGRADE: ------------------------------------------------- Nothing WHAT'S NEW IN THIS VERSION ------------------------------------------------- New features/improvements: - Added the geoip_isp_maxmind and geoip_org_maxmind plugin to allow reports by ISP and Organizations. - Details firefox versions. - webmin module: Report GeoIP databases versions. - Support keywords detection for search engines that store search key inside url instead of parameters. This means AWStats can now detect keywords from search engines like Fixes: - Removed an unknown security hole. - Removed an other unknown major security hole (found by iDEFENSE). - The geoip_city_maxmind plugin was sometimes bind and towns with space in names are reported correctly. - Restart of apache on debian failed in - Better look for file types tables. - Fix: [ 1066468 ] Translated word gets corupted (&OUML instead of ) - Fix: [ 1074810 ] XML Parsing Error - Fix: [ 991768 ] "Created by awstats" not localized - Fix: [ 1092048 ] flash(.swf) in NotPageList(default) - Fix pb when there is spaces in key of ExtraSections Other/Documentation: - SaveDatabaseFilesWithPermissionsForEveryone is 0 by default instead of 1 for security reasons. - Updated documentation - Updated language files Laurent Destailleur for AWStats. ----------------------------------------- EMail: Web: [Less]
Posted about 3 years ago by Laurent Destailleur (Eldy)
AWStats version 6.5 final is ready ---------------------------------- This new released version is ready for a production use. It contains bug fixes and new features: New features/improvements: - New: RSS catcher/readers in robot database ... [More] - New: Add option databasebreak to force awstats to use a different database history file for each day or hour instead of month. - New: geoip_cities plugin report the region when available. - New: LevelForBrowsersDetection can accept value 'allphones' to use file instead of file for AWStats database. This file is specialized in phone/pda browsers. - Qual: geoip plugin now uses open instead of new to allow use of different path for datafiles instead of default. This allow use of personalised path for database file. - New: LogFormat=2 can now change its value dynamically if logformat change. - New: Add way to set ArchiveLogRecords with same tags than LogFile to add suffix to archive log files. - New: Add option SectionsToBeSaved (to ask AWStats to save only particular sections). Fixes: - Fixed: referer changes to referrer - Fixed: [ 1111530 ] Missing description for %host_r in config file - Fixed: [ 1124711 ] env __AWSTATS_CURRENT_CONFIG__ not expanded for include - Fixed: [ 1172485 ] Invalid header characters for DOCTYPE - Fixed: [ 1172494 ] Invalid XHTML in - Fixed: [ 1173816 ] Config file mis-feature - Fixed: [ 1218832 ] XML Strict error (with GeoIP plugin) - Fixed: keyword detection for "advanced" search on google - Added style="display:none;" to image link for misc tracker. - Changed stored permission in tar.gz file - Fixed: Better support for gz and bz2 files - Fixed: Added xhtml in mime types. - Fixed [ 1163590 ] XML parsing error - Fixed: [ 1174728 ] version 6.4: XML parsing error - Fixed: [ 1186582 ] Authentication problem in Windows NT/AD Domains - Fixed: [ 1191805 ] Missing Bot: Add generic detection for user agent bot bot/ and bot- - Avoid bad cells if geoip country does not exists. - Better compatibility of misc_tracker with firefox. - Fixed: Dying process with geoip_city plugin when IP is unknown by plugin. - Fixed: Add error message if option buildpdf option is used with parameter BuildReportFormat=xhtml. Other/Documentation: - Added Spanish translation for webmin module by Patricio Mart´┐Żnez Ros. - Added croatian language. - Update russian language file. - Renamed european union by european country. - Review of AWStats documentation. [Less]
Posted about 3 years ago by Laurent Destailleur (Eldy)
AWStats 6.6 final is ready -------------------------- AWStats 6.6 contains bug and security fixes, and new features: New features/improvements: - All geoip plugins support the PurePerl version. - Possible use of vhost in extra section. ... [More] - Support IPv6 in AllowAccessFromWebToFollowingIPAddresses parameter. - Added svn family to browsers detection. Fixes: - Remove some Perl warnings. - Remove lc() on translation strings. - Not sanitized migrate parameter. - Not sanitized urlxxx parameters that could be used for XSS attacks. Other/Documentation: - Added AWStats version in stdout outputs. - Updated some language files. - Updated browsers database. [Less]
Posted about 3 years ago by Laurent Destailleur (Eldy)
This release is a Security Fix. It also add minor new features. Fixes: - Fix security hole that allowed a user to read log file content even when plugin rawlog was not enabled. - Fix a possible use of AWStats for a DoS attack. - Fix errors for ... [More] setup to analyze media servers. - If there is no referer field in the log format, do not use them in the errors reports. - Label of real player ("media player", not "audio player") - configdir option was broken on windows servers (Pb on Sanitize function on windows local use). - Minor fixes. - Fix: [ 1094056 ] Bad html-output for maillogs - Fix: [ 1094060 ] More bad html/xml output - Fix: [ 1100550 ] Missing flag icon for euskera - Fix: [ 1111817 ] AllowToUpdateStatsFromBrowser defaults to 1 contrary to docs New features/improvements: - Add option ShowSummary. - If Geoip plugin is enabled, add a column in Host report. - Other minor changes on geoip and hostinfo plugins to enhance look. - If LogFormat is 2, AWStats autodetect log format change. - Add a way to set ArchiveLogRecords with same tags than LogFile to add suffix to archived log files. Other/Documentation: - DebugMessages is by default set to 0 for security reasons. - Updated documentation. - Updated some language files. - Remove deprecated LogFormat 5. [Less]
Posted about 3 years ago by Laurent Destailleur (Eldy)
A new file for Wap, Imod web sites is available for download on AWStats contrib page. This will add detail of each phone model used to browse your site instead of only constructor name, in browser report chart.
Posted about 3 years ago by Laurent Destailleur (Eldy)
AWStats 6.2 final is ready -------------------------- I am pleased to announce that AWStats 6.2 final has been released. Version 6.2 is an update that fix minor bugs and add new features. You can download 6.2 from AWStats official web site: ... [More] WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW BEFORE THE UPGRADE: ------------------------------------------------- Nothing WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW AFTER THE UPGRADE: ------------------------------------------------- Nothing WHAT'S NEW IN THIS VERSION ------------------------------------------------- New features/improvements: - Added -excludeconf option - Allow plugins to add entry in menu. - Allow plugins to add charts with its own way to compile data inside the update process. - Added the geoip_region_maxmind and geoip_city_maxmind plugins. - Support postfix 2.1 that change its log format using NOQUEUE string instead of a number for mails that are rejected before being queued. - Little speed improvments. - Counts javascript disabled browsers (A new MiscTracker feature). - When a direct access to last line is successfull, awstats is directly in mode "NewLine". No need to find a more recent record for this. This means the NotSortedRecordTolerance works even between end and start of updates. - You can use a particular not used field in your log file to build a personalized report with the ExtraSection feature. Just use a personalized log format and use the tag %extraX (where X is a number) to name field you want to use, then, in ExtraSection parmaters, you can use extraX to tell wich info to use to extract data for building the chart. - Support method "put" when analyzing ftp log files. - Added a bold style around current day/month in label of charts. Fixes: - Fix not recognized %time3 tag in LogFormat. This tag allows to process all FTP xferlog file format. - Fix bad html generated with buildpdf option. - Added patch to work correctly with sendmail when recipient is redirected through a pipe. - Fix Bug 985977: Failed to rename temp history file if contains special char like " ". - Patch 984087 for new year jump - Fix Bug 983994: Tooltips aren't shown. - Fix Bug 982803: Bad display in Netscape 4.75 with Awstats version 6.1 - Fix Bug 975059: Timezone Plugin Runtime Error - Fix Bug 971129: Bug in regexp handling for | in ExtraSections Now for OR in ExtraSectionCondition you must use double pipe. - Some fix to have correct flag for lang with code lang different of country flag. Other/Documentation: - Updated documentation. - Updated robot, browsers, os recognition databases. - Better log messages in plugins. - Renamed into - Reduce code size. - The NOTSORTEDRECORDTOLERANCE has been increased to 2 hours to be sure to have no problem for users that change their hour by one. Laurent Destailleur for AWStats. ----------------------------------------- EMail: Web: [Less]