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Bba96 include a flexible and convenient query object by encapsulating the hibernate Criteria and Projections, that make it easy to persist and query data.

Bba96's query object can construct a dynamic query parameter easily without any hql or sql, and meet database's 95% access requirement, so it is not necessary to write your DAO/SERVICE, the default DAO/SERVICE is enough in most cases. You can also write your DAO/SERVICE easily by extending default DAO/SERVICE.

Bba96 current version integrated with struts2/webwork2, that is a rapid and efficient web develope framework, only several lines code in a webwork action can implement a persistent object's CRUD operation(with dynamic parameter query).

Bba96 plan to integrate with other mvc framework in future.

Get Up And Running Quick

new examples coming soon(updated at 2007.10.22)

Changes in version 2.3.0(2007.10.22)
* re-open and update security component
* support dynamic dao

Changes in version 2.2.1(2007.7.15)
* remove the restrict of Persistable interface in GenericsEntityManager

Changes in version 2.2(2007.7.12)
* add fetch type on query parameter
* add fetch join for fetching associate data
* all projections support alias of associate object
* add filter function for web query parameter

Changes in version 2.1 GA(2007.5.30)
much improvement with jdk 1.5

Changes in version 2.0 alpha3 (2006.4.3)
*fix action query parameters bug -- [XXX:...]
*fix distinct bug (discard Criteria.DISTINCT_ROOT_ENTITY)
*some minor improvement

Changes in version 2.0 alpha2.2 (2006.3.16)
*update webwork's jar for fixing example bug in weblogic
*remove all contentType setting in example

Changes in version 2.0 alpha2.1 (2006.3.8)
*fix example bug
*update readme.txt

Changes in version 2.0 alpha1 (2006.3.7)
*webwork 2.2 support
*hibernate 3.x support, then support native sql
*fix some bug
*add aop security module
*add action query parameters validation
*enhance action query parameters management
*support more logic in action query
*support multi orderby property

Changes in version 1.0 (2005.09.23)
*first release



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