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What exactly is BeastClone?BeastClone is one of the only free (app is shareware, but free version is fully functional) solutions to creating a completely customizable OS X boot USB/FireWire/Volume and possibly DVDs (support coming soon). It will create a minimal OS X installation containing your chosen apps.

How does it work?BeastClone copies a carefully selected set of files from your current installation. Where a normal OS X install is 6-7GB, a BeastClone install is 1.75GB after installation (requires 1.81GB) to install 1 leaving plenty of room for your apps. Then the apps are copied along with any app support folders, pref files, and frameworks required for them to run 2

1 Numbers taken from a Snow Leopard variation, Leopard support is in the works, numbers unknown right now. 2 Excluding external binaries (must be copied by user)

Licensing/PricingThe licensing/pricing details have not been finalized yet. The only thing I can promise for sure is that a free FULLY functional version of the program will be available without restriction. Paid users may get additional conveniences (once again, these details have not been finalized yet and will be posted when known).

Whats happening right now?For progress information please take a look at the CurrentProgress wiki page

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