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Many services are moving to web. The goal of this project to provide multilingual on-line Bible study tool accessible from everywhere, providing many Bible translation and other study material. The tool will enable users to post wiki style comments to build shared source of knowledge to support growing fellowship of Jesus.

Thank you for support!

How to get involvedIf you want to become a member of this project please drop an e-mail at slesinger{at}gmail{dot}com

You can help within following areas:

contribute with your brainstorming ideas to discussion list to build a vision help to build design future version make yourself a commitment to use Bible Online and report issues spread word about Bible Online, make links from your web site provide actual content (new Bible translations, supporting material) or let us know what is missing contribute your comments to theological content in wiki style system (not available yet) translate web interface to your language - TranslatingUserInterface become a member of development team

Road Mapgo to RoadMap to find out plans for future development.



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