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Posted over 9 years ago by golnaz
With release of KDE SC 4.4.0, The Blogilo team is proud to announce the next release in 1.x series, Blogilo 1.0.1. This is also the first release with new name! What’s new in this version? Blogilo 1.0.1 includes two new features and some bug fixes: A button added to the main toolbar to open the currently selected blog [...]
Posted over 9 years ago by mehrdad
For a long time, We (The Bilbo team) and KBlogger developers were in touch to replace KBlogger with Bilbo and put it into KDE PIM as its primary Blogging client. And after last release (a.k.a Bilbo 1.0), We have decided to do the job, So we moved the source code to KDE svn repository. And recently [...]
Posted over 9 years ago by golnaz
We are proud to announce that Bilbo Blogger reaches its first stable 1.0 version, a.k.a “Greenway“. The Greenway What’s new in version 1.0? There is just one new feature in this release, A cache system for links used by user, for later use. Other changes are some fixes and improvements from previous Beta release. Some of them [...]
Posted almost 10 years ago by golnaz
After a while, Bilbo Blogger 0.9.95 (1.0 Beta1) codenamed "Isengard" released, with some new features and many improvements. Now there is not a long way to the fully stable, 1.0 release!
Posted about 10 years ago by golnaz
After five months of development, we are happy to bring you a new, feature-riched blogging client, Bilbo Blogger 0.9 codenamed "Bag End".