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Welcome to the BinVis projectBinVis is a C# based project to visualise binary-file structures in different way. - The visual way for reverse engineering and forensics. Specifically it can help you to look for suspicious parts in packed or encrypted binaries and to locate the relevant offsets. It provides a visual overview for easier orientation.

Features of BinVisvisual active HexViewer finding stings in PE executables multiple plots for different focus points Installation procedures1. Windows Binary Setup Instructions

Please refer to the Downloads tab, which contains a link to the zipped installer. code-repository is considered to be a developer access. The software is under GPL, whether you download a binary release or compile it from source. Third party binary distribution is officially unsupported.

2. Windows Source Setup Instructions

The source installation requires a .Net build environment. Please refer to the wiki page for basic instructions at the growing application wiki.

3. Cross-platform Setup Instructions

Currently it seems the Mono project doesn't provide the required .Net assemblies and therefore BinVis doesn't really work with Mono. There have been experimental builds, but these aren't functional or useful at all. Wine still does a much better job. Plans to port BinVis to Mono failed until now and aren't actively tracked.

Further documentation is linked in the following.

Backgroundsresearch paper, filling the backgrounds: download the PDF file. Blackhat 2008 presentation: download the m4v file. AuthorsBinVis's original authors are mostly Gregory Conti and other researchers. Now it's released with the GPL license and it's getting extended by Marius Ciepluch (reachable at

Media - interview with Greg Conti on Network Security Podcast 27.08.2009 - presentation at Blackhat 2008 - just for fun.

Futurenew planing (11.11.2009) integrating of some math-intensive stuff that's going to be released soon Short Changelog Stack11.11.2009: tidied up repository, going new ways now. Reorganising objects and methods. Planing the software. 28.09.2009: binary installer added 17.09.2009: cleanups 27.08.2009: minor edits

Known problemsThe repository is considered to be a developer's access. If you want to join development or even submit ideas or code, feel free to contact me at There're binary releases ready for download. - Even if the current SVN revision doesn't compile. BinVis is under active development, but all revisions are kept. Thanks for understanding.

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