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Bitumen framework is a collection of lightweight libraries to develop web applications in Java and Clojure on the JVM.


Library Description Java? Clojure? Source Repository URL Jettify Simple wrapper to easily embed the Jetty servlet container Yes Yes Taimen Minimalistic REST-compatible web framework Yes Yes JWebMVC Old name for Taimen (Will be scrapped soon after the example applications are upgraded to use Taimen instead.) Yes Example Applications Application Description Java? Clojure? Source Repository URL Lilliput Tiny personal blog application written using Hibernate, JWebMVC and StringTemplate Yes Blogjure Clojure version of Lilliput (does not use Bitumen framework yet) Yes HelloDolly "Hello World" sort of application to demonstrate how JWebMVC can be integrated with view technologies e.g. StringTemplate, Freemarker, JSP Yes HelloDolly-Clojure Clojure version of HelloDolly Yes Coming soon

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